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As some of you know, my work is more and more related to SMD design. I just love how compact and robust these designs can be. I have no problems soldering the … Read more
This is yet another of my data loggers for my brother. He needed a low power data logger that would fit inside a 50mm acrylic pipe. So this is what I came up … Read more

What soldering tips are you guys using?

A while ago I got myself a 10 pack of different Aoyue soldering tips. But I always end up using my trusted T-1.6D chisel tip. I use this tip for all SMD and through hole soldering.
So my question is, do you change soldering tips for different work or stick with the same for everything?

Where to find the Component section?

I added a post on PSoC 4 and as it’s a ‘component’ I put it in under Add content: Component
I can find the post here http://letsmakerobots.com/view/components/list , -but where to navigate from the front page to find it?

I love the Arduino and the flexibility this little ATMEGA328 microcontroller can offer. It is easy to implement in new design and to solder. I also have done some … Read more

USB Microscope

I got myself an Andonstar USB microscope of eBay and must admit that I’m pretty impressed with the resolution and magnification.
It is a great tool for inspecting SMD soldering joints and the kids had great fun with it this exploring small insects and flora this summer.

So if you’re wondering what to get yourself this Christmas, this might be it.

Some pictures from the microscope

LMR response time ... again

Is it only me or is LMR extremely slow again?

From the front page to a normal post it takes about 20 seconds, and I’m on fiber network @ 40Mbps

A problem with having scientific equipment on location over a period of time is the chance of it being stolen. This equipment can be very expensive (not my DIY … Read more
As usual my design has to do with water and something that my brother asked me to have a look at. What he needed was a way to launch a probe with a controlled … Read more