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I had my brother over for Christmas and as he is a scientist and I have done some work for him earlier, he asked me if I could build him an XY table to navigate … Read more

Free PCBs looking for a good home

I accidently sent the wrong Gerber files when I ordered some PCBs from http://iteadstudio.com/ so now I’m stuck with 14 boards that I don’t need.
Lesson to be learned : Don’t order PCBs late at night after a 6-pack of beer…

This was my first DipTrace project and I do believe they work. I have not tested the board in detail as I had started another project when they arrived. These are the same boards that I mentioned here


Have you guys seen this?
What an amazing design, and something to aim for! :-D


Arduino power up by RTC alarm



I’m trying to build a data logger that will only store data to an eeprom once an hour, and to conserve energy and have it log data for long periods I would like to turn the power off for everything except the Real Time Clock (DS1337).

So this is my setup.

I have a power source and a voltage regulator (3.3V) that will power the RTC all the time. When the alarm is tripped a digital line on the RTC goes low for 1 second (I think) then I need to power up everything else and keep the power on while I take my readings. 

The FEZ mini is on sale at $20,-

Some of you might have noticed Will Fleischer’s enthusiasm for the FEZ mini :-)

I see that it’s on sale for $20,- and I think that it’s a great offer for anyone looking to starting out in C# microcontroller programming.

RFID antenna

So I have this OMNIKEY 5534 MultiTag Reader, and according to the manual a test-antenna can be made with a coil of 70 turns with a 0.22mm magnet wire around 36mm spool.
That works great, but I need the spool to be 80mm in diameter, -so the question is, how many turns should I use with a MW30 (0.25mm) wire?

Just a quick tip for desoldering components. Usually it’s hard to use regular pliers to hold on to a wire and find the right spot on the other side of the board … Read more
This is not as much a tip or walkthrough. It is more my experience of learning to use DipTrace and how to get boards manufactured. The first PCB layout program I … Read more

For those of you with laser cutters

I think this was quit brilliant http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14895
By the way there are lots of great laser projects in the Thingiverse as well.

Question about SN754410 and current capability

As the SN754410 H-bridge driver is rated at 1A, am I correct in thinking that it can handle 1A at the max voltage of 36V and therefor will be able to handle 3A @ 12V and 6A @ 6V ?