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What soldering tips are you guys using?

A while ago I got myself a 10 pack of different Aoyue soldering tips. But I always end up using my trusted T-1.6D chisel tip. I use this tip for all SMD and through hole soldering.
So my question is, do you change soldering tips for different work or stick with the same for everything?

Where to find the Component section?

I added a post on PSoC 4 and as it’s a ‘component’ I put it in under Add content: Component
I can find the post here http://letsmakerobots.com/view/components/list , -but where to navigate from the front page to find it?

LMR response time ... again

Is it only me or is LMR extremely slow again?

From the front page to a normal post it takes about 20 seconds, and I’m on fiber network @ 40Mbps

Giving away my soldering station

As I have upgraded my soldering station and have no need for my old one, I’m giving it away.

It’s a TIN-U 936 60W (an eBay HAKKO 936 copy) soldering station. It works great and I have had no problems with it.
It is for 220V
Anyone interested and are willing to pay for the shipment can send me a PM and I will select a winner at random.

PS. I live in Norway



Object tracking

For those of you working on object tracing systems. This is pretty amazing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn5YQVvW-hQ


Why is the LMR website so slow now?

At first I thought that the slow response was due to the latest upgrade of LMR but it has been like this for the last weeks and months. 

I’m using the latest Crome browser and it still takes 20-30 seconds to get to the homepage. Every next link I follow takes about 15-20 seconds.

With this response time I can’t really be bothered with LMR anymore.

Is it only here in Norway or does the rest of you get a good response time?

PCB fabrication

For those of you that etch you own PCB’s, -have you tried this method?
It looks promising.


Have you guys seen this?
What an amazing design, and something to aim for! :-D


Arduino power up by RTC alarm



I’m trying to build a data logger that will only store data to an eeprom once an hour, and to conserve energy and have it log data for long periods I would like to turn the power off for everything except the Real Time Clock (DS1337).

So this is my setup.

I have a power source and a voltage regulator (3.3V) that will power the RTC all the time. When the alarm is tripped a digital line on the RTC goes low for 1 second (I think) then I need to power up everything else and keep the power on while I take my readings.