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Got $1299,- to spare?

Then I would recomend that you have a look at the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer http://www.makerbot.com/

With my 50 birthday coming up, my family chipped in and got me one of those fabulous machines. And I must admit that I’m totally blown away by the quality of the print and the robustness of the ABS plastic parts that is printed.

TI LaunchPad

About 6 months ago several of us ordered the LaunchPad http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21242
I gave up on the board rather quickly and did never put any real effort into it.
My question is, has any one here been able to use it for anything and is it any good?

Microcontroller UPS

I have the following problem.
I’m rebuilding my SEA RENDERING http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21098 project from two Arduinos to one FEZ Panda running .NET
In my original setup I had one switch for the main power and one for stopping the logging. The reason for this is that if one shuts down power when the system is writing to the SD card, you might end up with a corrupt log file or in the worst case a completely ruined SD card. In an attempt to remedy this I made the following circuit that worked great on the breadboard.

Signals when mail is delivered
Last winter my father asked me if I could make a mailbox sensor for him. That winter was long and cold with lots of snow and he found it frustrating to make his way … Read more
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MINI digital Amplifier

I have ordered this 3W amplifier from eBay for a Halloween prop.


I haven't received it yet but was wondering about this note; 


3:left and right speakers can not be connected with the negative, that is to say Speaker of the four lines are completely independent, and does not allow total access!

Does anyone know what this means?


Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win!

The guys over at TinyCLR has opened up for a Halloween contest using any .NET micro framework. There are some pretty good prices for the winner. The rules are as follows;

The Contest

Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win!

The Prize

First place, $250 coupon + 1000 experience points
Second place, $150 coupon + 750 experience points
Third place, $100 coupon + 500 experience points

The Rules