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The Crystal Ball of Horror was my entry into the http://www.tinyclr.com/ Halloween contest. UPDATE: 11/11-2010 I got second place in the … Read more
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MINI digital Amplifier

I have ordered this 3W amplifier from eBay for a Halloween prop.


I haven't received it yet but was wondering about this note; 


3:left and right speakers can not be connected with the negative, that is to say Speaker of the four lines are completely independent, and does not allow total access!

Does anyone know what this means?


Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win!

The guys over at TinyCLR has opened up for a Halloween contest using any .NET micro framework. There are some pretty good prices for the winner. The rules are as follows;

The Contest

Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win!

The Prize

First place, $250 coupon + 1000 experience points
Second place, $150 coupon + 750 experience points
Third place, $100 coupon + 500 experience points

The Rules

Have anyone had any experience with mbed?

My brother pointed this ARM processor out for me and it looks promising. I like the idea of a microprocessor fitting in a 40pin socket. And after downloading the +1Gb IDE for the MSP430 LaunchPad I find the compiler in the cloud interesting.
If this is new to you, have a look at; http://mbed.org/
Also have a look at the handbooks as it’s has many of functions we normally use; http://mbed.org/handbook/Homepage
Or maybe even enter the challenge?

Rename forum board?

I was thinking, maybe the forum name ”FEZ Domino” is a bit to specific. Maybe it should be called “.NET based systems” or something like that. So it’s a place for all .NET related stuff, not just FEZ Domino.

FEZ Panda

I just want to inform you guys that the FEZ Panda is on sale for $19.95. I added some more information here.

Price: $19.95 USD
FEZ Panda on sale $19.95 Hi Having had the pleasure of working with the FEZ Domino for a couple of weeks and absolutely loving the board, I would like to tip you … Read more
Self positioning buoy for scientific use
Using a
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Offline storage for project files
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