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Nice little creature with legs on wheels. Or something like that. It doesn't jump, like Fritsl's creatures, but it is nice to look at. And to gawk at the fabricating techniques this guy masters.


To all drumbot builders

Did any of you ever notice that a drummer (flesh/blood kind) does not hold his sticks at the very end? He holds them somewhere between halfway and one tenth of the length. I am guessing (not being a drummerboy myself) that this improves the rebounce of the stick from the drumskin. Because the bottom end of the stick balances (both weight and inertia) the business end. Try it out with a pencil on the tabletop. (nb: will destroy pencil)

Did you ever consider placing the motor higher up the drum stick?

... Are Belong To Us

Know your meme! Rocketboom is funny for so many reasons. This is a must see for anyone wondering about or using that frase "All you base are belong to us!", or variations thereof.

wanted: fm stereo receiver

This is an electronics question that has little to do with robots. But this forum seems a good place to ask it anyway.

For an upcoming diy project, I am in need of some advice on integrated radio circuits. For my 93 yr old grandmother I hope to build a radio that can do this: