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Mosaics (warning: this blog is a big download)

For those of you interested in mosaics from photo archives, here come some more.

The one on the frontpage (during our 1st birthday celebration) is created from an archive of about 700 pictures from LMR. There are more than a thousand tiles in the picture. I used software called Andrea Mosaic. Check out this website for more info about the software and for more beautiful mosaics.

The Pulse - 2009w05

LMR on the Brain
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Happy Birthday To Us

You may have noticed: we are one year old. So blow out your candle and make a wish. Or make a robot to do all that for you. Or wish for such a robot.

LMR baseball cap

How much would you pay for a baseball cap like this?


Personally I think it's a bit expensive (zazzle).

Any thoughts about the design? What changes/aditions would make it worth the 20 USD?

Besides of course an i-pocket in the rear.


Asimov's laws


holds thirty laws because three just ain't funny enough

A peek at number eleven:

11. A robot, specifically a big, wide robot, may not pretend to be a refrigerator and then make a scary noise when a human being opens it.

A new website to aspire for

(Our friends at) Makezine blog are reporting the start of a new website called artmachines.org . It appears to focus on any art that has machinery in it. Now that would make for one scrapbook worthy blog mention! Let's Make (more) Arty Robots!


Or at least gather some inspriration from these awesome photos and videos.


The Pulse - 2009w02

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

"Danger Will Robinson!"

Now what is that I'm reading? This one robot got destroyed in a fire? And its Infra Red sensor was tested following what kind of IR emitter?! Maybe use an LED next time...


What a few servos would do with this:


http://beinart.org/info/jon-beinart.php via makezine's blog 

RC RF directional beacon

I am still wondering if it is possible to create a simple, cheap, fairly accurate, directional beacon for outdoor use. And I keep thinking I should try to re-purpose an RC transmitter. So here it goes:

Would you deem it possible to create a directional antenna for an RC transmitter?

Would this antenna be able to rotate? Fully continous, or just 360 CW followed by 360 CCW?

Which RC system would you consider? There are so many frequencies in use. And modulation types.

shaping polymorph using paper templates

After two weeks of cutting paper and cardboard, I cannot help but wonder:

Would molten Polymorph soak a piece of paper? Has anyone tried this yet? Think of all the hot applications!

8ik (just ordered half a kg)

sensible discussion on "open collector circuit" for sensor

Just found this on hackaday:

" ... Why open collector?
An open collector output doesn’t toggle between high and ground, it toggles between ground and unconnected. The unconnected state, also called high impedance, exerts nothing on the output and allows the signal line to float.
Open collector outputs are useful when several sensors need to share the same microcontroller pin. ..." (my emphasis)