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Picaxe 28X1 firmware A.4 has a bug, get a replacement.

As discovered by members of LMR, there is a bug in one version of one kind of Picaxe.

Phil and Limpa described their problems in two different nodes on the site. This thread aims to bring all info together, so we can write a walk through about it.


Phil wrote:


Recognising Buggy Version: 


I felt sorry for this empty forum, so here's a link.



sweet! (home area network)

Check out today's score!


A colleague gave me this linksys WRT54. The dreamed version with the lotta-RAM and lotta-flash. For free.

NPN vs PNP, a fundamental or just a mental difference

Like many here, I were in need of a bit of amplification of a weak signal. This signal had "low impedance", I suppose. The supplied circuit diagram shows two different ways of meeting my need.

The left circuit uses a NPN transistor. The right hand circuit uses a PNP transistor. I chose the one with PNP. Quite "arbitrarily". The BP103B is also known as FA300.

SED or Smoke Emitting Diode

This is an attempt to record the very edge to which an LED can be driven. A failed attempt.


I tried to post this as a component page, but it would not take embedded video...

The LEDs I tried are rated at 30 mA maximum. The forward voltage is between 1.9 and 2.1 V. I used a power source of 8.1 V  and a variable resistor in series that could range from 5000 to 0 Ohm.

The Pulse - 2008w47


Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

"Cool Happenings" in need of better name

Please help me.

You all noticed the writeups I posted in my blog, right? Maybe I should give some of you a click or two to catch up right away.


OK, now we are all up to speed.

Cool happenings on LMR this week (2008W43)


Let it be known to the world that letsmakerobots.com is a very live community indeed!
Here is the harvest for the past couple of weeks.


This week we saw the creation and population of the scary user map. Some sixty-plus users are now visible on the map (with varying degrees of accuracy). 


edward1_1.JPGmintvelt demonstrated with Edward that a lot of "robo personality" can be added with just one extra degree of freedom. The neck of his robot was fitted with a second servo, so that it can look up and down. A lot of humanoid expression comes from that one little gesture: nodding. So it was agreed in the reactions on Edward's page.



Cool Happenings on LMR this week (2008W46)

Let it be known to the world, once more, that letsmakerobots.com is a very live community indeed!


Here is the harvest for the past couple of weeks, or so (Week 2008 dot 46).