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Xbee conference notes

Gareth, David, Glen, Chris and I discussed Xbee radio modems. Here are some notes I took.

Watch part I  here.  Watch part II here.

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CtC Bingo

For the upcoming episode of the Friday night video show, I propose a game of "CtC Bingo". We create bingo cards with up to 25 typical "Chrisisms". Whenever you hear on of them being used live in the show, you cross it off your card. When you crossed off five in a row, you shout BINGO.

Prizes to be determined.

DarwinBot now in Soccer mode

My DarwinBot has been reincarnated into erhhmmm something completely else.

As it is right now (if it is indeed live at all) you get to control it. It is very very simple. Just five little commands. To get control, you must use the magic word first: control (and hit send). Now you have a limited amount of time to control the bot.

The available commands are:

PCB design software (EDA) for Linux users

I am using my Ubuntu laptop more and more often. And today I found myself wanting to throw together a simple schematic for posting on LMR. So I needed to find a CAD program for that. One that works on Linux.

Shouting in the shoutbox is fun and all, but valuable info gets lost. So please everyone, use this thread to post your experiences and recommendations.

So far I discovered in my Ubuntu (10.04) repository:

google them for links or downloads. I will post my experiences with them here as I gather them.

SparkFun goes bonkers - no even more bonkerers than usual

Sparkfun is having a new contest: "Antimov".

The robot that violates two out of three Laws of Robotics in the most spectacular and creative and funny and effective way wins $300.

Minimal Picaxe LED blinker

I just found a different way to make an LED blink with a picaxe 28x1:

   inc b0
   let pin7 = b0 >> 7
   ' do other important stuff here
goto main

picaxe 28x1 input/output direction


I am using a picaxe 28x1 and I am developing new code like crazy. In one of my sub routines, I need to reconfigure one of the input pins (pin 7 in port C) to output mode. Then pull it low. Then wait a bit. Then make it high impedance again. That is to say, it must become an input again.

The Pulse - 2010w21

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Love and Peace

Spotted in the Shoutbox tonight. So true, I had to preserve it for prosperity. Also: shouts cannot be Chilled (thank you).

fritsl: This is the only robo-community in the world where ppl thing the others are cool :D

Suicidal Picaxe Program

Here's what happens on a Picaxe 28x1 in a project board when you connect pin C.7 to the Reset pin. Check out areas F and H in this photo.

The reset function in a Pic(axe) is made so that when it is pulled low, the chip resets. An on-board 4700 Ω resistor keeps the pin high during normal operation. The little button pulls it down.

This Picaxe really is stuck in a moment and refuses to believe: