Let's Make Robots!
We all know that a robot is supposed to move. Without movement, a robot is just dull. The same goes for pictures of robots. We wanna see them move! Here are a few … Read more

Flat pack cabinet - erecting problems

"Fellow hardware hacker" Jeri recently furnished her new lab. Some extra storage space was absolutely necessary.

Late night Ikea assembly can be awkward!

Watch that cabinet (after re-assembly) live here.  Jeri's followers are now betting on how many views the Youtube vid will have one year from today. Bets so far range from 2^15 to 2^16. Nerds!

List of notable tags on LMR

Look at these LMR tags. And notice how easy it is to attract some major search engine attention towards important (or fun) subjects on LMR.

* How to make your first robot (google)

* Instructions on LMR (google)

about video on LMR

Before I start making and sharing videos: Which video service would you recommend?

an example of a driver for a brushless DC motor without microcontroller
This is a continuation of my blog on the same subject. Please continue your commenting here.     I am the proud owner of a stack of scavenged hard drives. I hoped … Read more

H-bridge braking with L293(D)

I discovered how much braking power a Solarbotics GM9 can have when you short the terminals. I need that stopping power to make a robot that is suspended from a wire, wound around a spool, powered by a GM9.

But I also need to be able to power the motor in either direction. My platform of choice is the Picaxe 28 project board with a L293D motor driver chip.

How do I tell the L293 to short the terminals of the motor? I tried
high 4 high 5 ' both inputs high
low 4 low 5  ' both inputs low
but my motor will not brake.

The Pulse - 2010w15

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Yet another PWM Picaxe question

I am programming my Mr Basic with Mr Basic moron driver. I use a Picaxe 28x1. It is a very basic setup indeed, with a small servo carrying a sharp IR distance sensor.

After reading many pages of manuals and LMR and example code of other victims, I ran into a wall. It's the dreaded "PWM and servopos don't mix" wall on picaxes.

Camping Party Project - Proposal

To all LMRtians who attend Camping Party Europe 2010 in Madrid.

How about a very simple group project while we are there? Just for fun (and, if successful, a little publicity).

I propose a repeat of the famous Tweenbots project. The Party takes place in a giant conference center with multiple "zones". Let's make a robot (duhhh!) and leave it at one end of the center and let it find its way accross to the other end.