Let's Make Robots!

Circuit problems.. DMM questions..

OK.. I just finish wiring up the first part of the new circuit board thats going into Ozzy. Basically the board has an attiny2313 + L293 thats a dedicated motor and servo driver. It has a 5v regulator too. The tiny takes serial commands from the main chips on the board. I don`t have the atmega168`s that will go in, so I wrote a simple test program on the Arduino to send serial commands and plugged in only ground, TXD and RXD wires. When I powered up my circuit board the arduino power LED came on!

Evil robots!

A blog dedicated to warning us about evil robots. Has some funny light hearted commentary :) I thought it was good for a laugh (except about that killer lawnmower). Doesn`t look like it`s been updated since 2007 though.


Amazing homebuilt quadruped

Searching for robot videos on youtube I came across this japanese guys profile. The quadruped in the video has a really interesting leg structure, not to mention the extra drive wheels. Check out the videos, it just looks and moves amazing!

Mounted arm playing with balls..

Movement, sans arm..

Leg detail


ARRG my track kit is missing

Well, I ordered the solarbotics track set earlier this month and it was supposed to arrive on the 16th but so far its a no show D:

I dont know what to do.. unfortunately I used the standard post option which is untrackable and uninsured so I am probably up the proverbial creek without a paddle. There was a typhoon that came across south east asia last week so I`m  hoping and praying it just got delayed a bit. Although with my luck its floating around somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean -.-

Line follower on steroids

Japanese guy made a line following race car. I think theres some kind of race competition.

Checking through his blog hes got a nice machine shop at his disposal too :( Lucky bugger.

Worm robot

Hey guys, I have 5 standard servos sitting around here and I had some inspiration to make a worm robot.

I did some quick sketches and made a model out of cardboard. Its going to pick up its tail first and put it on the ground  closer to body, then the wave just travels down the body eventually to the head.

With only 5 servos it has 6 segments, 4 up/down pivots and 1 left/right pivot in the middle for turning. Turning might be tricky, so Im going to mock up a better version with packing foam and play around before commiting to it.