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Connection Problem

Hi, cand anyone tell me how he connect the ps1 gamepad wires with the microcontroller:


Can you make a circuit diagram. Please Help !

Hexapod Circuit Diagram & Code Problem

Hi guys. I had to make an hexapod for a school project, and I've decided to try this one http://www.webx.dk/robot-crawler/robot-crawler.htm because it meets all requirement.


Hye, Sorry to bother you, I have some questions about a hexapod. I want to make the same like this http://webx.dk/robot-crawler/robot-crawler.htm  for my college project, if you have time to have a look on it, I want to know the configuration of the pcb board, an electrical schematics electric parts needed, what cpu usses, what kind of servos (can I use weaker servos?) . If you can help me, I would be very pleased, if can't..no problem. Have a good day.