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Gives all directions for two motors
I designed this circuit for those interested in controlling motors that require a lot of Amperage, but have gotten frustrated over trying to create a MOSFET … Read more
A One Weekend Miracle Red Squadron is actually a collection of three robots that work together in order to accomplish a task. The objective for the squad is to make … Read more

A Game of Kat and Mouse


A Game of Kat (Anologue) and Mouse (Digital)

Follow Dark and Light Lines
Using a
Tracer is a simple linefollowing robot that has the ability to follow light or dark lines. It is able to do this through taking advantage of four photoresistors. … Read more

555 Photovore

Hey guys, lately I have been working on the 555 photovore project. Doing my research, I came across a version that uses photodiodes instead of LDRs. This was my first design but I was talking to a veteran and I was told that this would only work with LDR's is this information accurate?


PICAXE based inverter

I've been having this idea for awhile. Create a dc to ac inverter using 2 8M PICAXEs as the timer Controling an H-bridge hooked up to a 12VDC battery. Then have the first PICAXE control an H-bridge to convert 12VDC to 12VAC. The MOSFET H-bridge would be sent to a full-wave voltage multiplier circuit, using diodes and capacitors, converting it into around 192VDC.

Bring Back the Challenges

As you all looked at LMRs home ribbon some new things have been added. However, SOMETHING IS MISSING. take a guess. If you guess challenges you are correct. What ever happened to that? Why did they take it away? Who knows. I think the challenged brung out the true creativity that makes this sight AMAZING! Sure the prizes where nice, but nothing beat the thrill of either winning or judging other peoples robots. Should they bring the challenges back? Give me your thoughts.

BS2sx BULK (Homemade BS2sx Project)

Since the price for the BASIC STAMP microcontroller line is very pricy, I have decided to create my own BASIC STAMP OEM Design. It is the same circuit as the BS2sx but will cost under $20.



BASIC Stamp 2SX OEM Module Kit

This kit enables me to program the PBASIC interpreter chip and EEPROM chip (both are DIPs)

Magic Trick

What Robot? All I See Is Shrapnel!