Let's Make Robots!

Robot-y things to do in Japan?

We're going to Tokyo on March 30 to April 9. Unfortunately I'm missing Robo-One by a week, but maybe someone knows of other fun robot related things to do while there? I've checked Robots Dreams so I'll have a few shops in Akihabara to visit but there isn't anything in their calendar yet.

Manual compile and upload

We decided to get rid of the Arduino IDE for our project, and switch to make/avr-gcc/avrdude. Sure, the IDE is great for beginners and those who write small to medium-small projects, but it's awkward to use with larger projects using lots of files and several people coding at the same time. And the PC our university has provided to us is quite slow so some stuff take way too much time.

The transition wasn't as easy as we had hoped for though, and it took a day to figure everything out. So to hopefully make things smoother for others, here's how we did it.

Transport components out of robot cell
Using a
I'm working on a bachelor's project, together with 5 other students, where we're going to continue development of and improve a laser guided AGV. Read more

ADXL335 vs MMA7260QT

Is the ADXL335 accelerometer better (faster, more precise, less noisy...) than the MMA7260QT sensor?

The ADXL335 based solution at my local robot shop is slightly more expensive, and judging from the product description it's "the holy grail". The MMA7260QT BoB on the other hand has a build in voltage regulator so it's usable with 5V which could come in handy. Though I'm primarily going to use it with an Arduino which seems to be able to provide 3.3V so that might not be a problem either way.

Scary robots

If you hade the time and money, how would you construct the scariest robot possible?


I think I'd go for a sugary cute doll robot, stuffed with hidden evil electronics :) Using a tiny camera and face regognition, the robot would wait idly until there's only one person nearby and then slowly turn it's head and eyes to look at him/her. Unless it turned out too cheesy the robot would also say stuff like "seven days" (and because of the face regognition it could maintain individual counters for it's victims) or just laugh diabolically.

Ultrasonic sensors and pets

Hey all. I'm thinking about building my first robot. Was hoping to build some kind of wheeled monstrosity with lots of sensors, but I beginning to think using ultrasonic sensors might not be a good idea with a cat in the apartment. Does anyone know how pets react to the ultrasonic signals?