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simple motor brake

hi all,

i need to control a simple DC motor (using Arduino and some H-bridge). 

what is the best/simplest way to implement a braking control? i don't mean to slow it down (by shortening its terminal) - i mean really braking it (against downhill slipping). 

will fast forward/backward alternation do the trick? or is there any more decent way of doing this?

thanks in advance !


servo misbehaving without a control signal... :(

hi all, I'm trying to control some servos (Turnigy TG9e) using an Arduino. I use external power for the servos (5V, 3Amp), and keep the grounds together.

 the problem is that during RESET (or startup), the servos jumps fast to an out-of-range dangerous zone...

I tried adding resistors any many places (from the control pin to the ground, in between the control pin and the servo, and even between the control pin and the positive terminal) - didn't help.