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Sharp IR tracking code

I'm trying to get a Sharp IR sensor on a servo to track the left edge of an object, i came up with this code:

symbol detection = 50

readadc 4, b1
if b1 > detection then
goto servoleft
goto servoright
end if
goto main

servo 3, 100

servo 3, 200


picaxe 28x1 starter board power

I put 4.5 volts on the main power terminals of the board, then put 6 volts on the 3 pin power circuit near the top of the board, because i was going to connect a servo and wanted to make sure i had enough power, but it wasn't connected yet.  I think i may have fried something, the chip got really hot.  was this too much power to put through the board?  i thought thats what that extra circuit was for.

wire to use to hook up motors and servos

i recently ruined my 2 gm-9 motors because i soldered the wire to the board and to the 2 motors, and i moved the motors around to get the balance right.  i snaped the copper connections off of the 2 motors because the wire was so stiff that it just tourqed them off.

 Can i use a different kind of wire?  What kind of wire should i use that will have more give than this stiff hookup wire?