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Picaxe Basic Issues

In Picaxe Basic how do I write a piece of code that I only want to execute the first time my main loop runs. For example: I want to get and store an initial value for a sensor and use that later on in my code; however, once I have stored this initial value I don't want the program storing a new value the next time it runs.

Continuously Rotating Servos

I have a pair of servos that were modded to rotate continuously about a year ago. I've been trying to make them rotate with the command:

servo 0, 1 : servo 1, 1

but I find that this does nothing but make the servos twitch. However, when I use:

servo 0, 1 : servo 1, 1

wait 2

the servos rotate clockwise for two seconds. Furthermore, when I use:

servo 0, 2 : servo 1, 2

wait 2

Modding a Servo

If this: http://www.servocity.com/html/hs-311_standard.html is my servo to what position should I have my picaxe turn it to so I can make it continuously rotate?


LDR Power Source Question

Is it possible to power two LDRs from a single power supply and have them give input to seperate pins?

Are all modified servos the same?

  Hello I am working on a robot from a tutorial which uses two modified servos to move left and right. Though I don't have those exact servos I do ahve two modified servos and wonered if they would be damaged if I used them in place of the recomended servos please help!

Arduino coding help

Hello I recently visited the arduino playground site to look how to control two servos and when i used thier code it brought up an error thing is anyone willing to post some code for me on controlling two servos please.

How To Control Two Servos With An Arduino (QUESTION)

Hey guys for Christmas I go an Arduino Duemilanove and a robot chasis called a scooterbot that had two servos built into it. Anyway me being a complete noob to the Arduino I have no idea how to control two servos (by control I mean hook up to the Arduino and program). Could somebody please explain to me how?