Let's Make Robots!
This is not the first robot I have built. I built it one weekend when I was unable to use my computer (so I was bored), and just using parts I had at my … Read more

Lead Screw motor control

I was resently given a very nice lead screw (ball screw) with a bearing on one end and a motor on the other. This motor has 3 wires comeing out of it, one red, one white, and one black. I am trying to figure out how to power this motor, could it require a PWM source, or is there something else it could be.

This is a very expencive assembly, and I really don;t want to fry the motor by hooking the power up wrong.

All Terrain Vehicle

I want to build a robot that can go just about any where, this includes on flat surfaces, hilly surfaces, and stairs. I don't know how big or heavy this thing will be, but I do plan to drive it with either 2 or 4 black and decker drill motors.


Any suggestions are apreciated. 

Video for robots

I would like to build a robot that uses a video camera, processes the data, and then reacts to that data. Basicly I want to be able to designate a destination using a laser and the robot will chase the laser. I do not know what sort of micro processor I will need for this and also I do not know what kind of camera will work.

 I have been looking at the parallax propeller as a possible processor, but i do not know how to interface a camera to it, or servos (which I also need to control).