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Arduino board

Well, frickin hell. I got my arduino in the mail and i was all excited to use it. Well.. I shoulda known it was gonna be hard to program it, but wow.... Anyway, my memory seems to be not working tonight (curse you television!!!) and so I can't seem to remeber how to open a line with the programming language. I am already learning German and Medical Terminology so learning something during the week is like trying to win an eating competition if you have no stomach. Any ideas on something simple i could program with just an arduino board? Or you know, some manual on the internet.

Arduino Software Installation

Ok, so I bought my arduino diecimella on the internet, and im currently waiting for it to arrive. However, I want to prepare my comp by downloading the software. I downloaded the "program" to find it was a zip folder. I decided to check its readme to find a link to the website, the instructions  ask that I download a program called cygnus or something, which i did, then it said to download some other packages, only to get a couple programs on my desktop that dont open anything, so I read on, I also have to download the USB drivers, but GUESS WHAT!?

Drive around via Remote control and pick stuff up
Yeah... I just got a wireless transmitter and receiver, along with two servos. Being 14 years old, i will have to wait about two weeks before i can buy anything … Read more