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cogs, pulleys, levers, buttons, pulleys, belts- how can I make a mexican wave movement?

How can I make a mexican wave movement?


I no nothing electronically or mechanicaly, therefore whatever I do must rely on simple ways.

I have some servo's, and a servo tester ( to create a constant movement for me) and can get hold of anything I may need.


what construction do I need to create a 'mexican wave effect'?


This is needed for my 'flopping fish' project.





'Flopping fish'

First of all I'm art student, therefore (as you may expect) I know nothing where electronics is
concerned. I have come onto here wondering if you could guide/ recommend/ give any advice.

I'm currently starting a new art project as part of my university course.
What I require is a series mechanism/ piece of electronics which could fit inside a
model of a fish (hand size) and make it flop without assistance.