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      Lester the moving head robot made from old parts. Read more
Moves when light shines upon it.
Here is my new robot FireFly. He is built from parts around my workshop. His cover is a reusable plastic container. His base is and old toy part. I built the … Read more

PLANS of a not so mad robot builder.

Dear Administrators,

There is sure a lot of activity on this site, I can not wait to see what is new . I have a question I hope you will be able to help me with. A member that looked in on my robot project has shown an interest into the details of my building Robo. That is not the problem. Where on this site do I post the schematics, pictures, part lists etc.

Turns when exposed to any light. It can turn left or right
This is my robot Robo. I built him a while back for my daughter to enter in a recent robot gathering in town. He really moves in an interesting fashion. I had that … Read more
It moves in any light, but the best movement is in direct sunlight.
Hello This is Tipsy my robot that I made from parts I had around my workshop. His main drive motors and wheels are an old cassette player. The solar panel is new. … Read more