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Navigate around with an srf05 (as soon as i get the code right)
Using a
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MINI swarms

CHeck it out!


I, personnaly, have always been interested in small robots doing something together.

I just find the idea so awsome! :P


Motor control

 I have the following small problems:

In the beggining I had them posted in the wrong place,

 So i moved them here:

Problem one: i tried hooking up two motors.

they both had one wire soldered up to V2, and the other one to outputs (6 and 7). i now typed this code:


high 6

high 7

pause 3000

low 6

low 7

pause 1000

goto main

notning happened. any ideas? 

PS: i dont have a motor drive.


Now for the next important question, 


Would this work?

im thinking of making a robot that could follow one's feet, by using infrared.

the idea would be to use two or more infrared LED's and attach them to my Shoes and then two infrared sensors on the robot. it would roll a bit, then read witch sensor riceves more IR light, turn that way, roll, and repeat.

any chance it would work? Or am i just talking crazy talk?



Scrapping Parts (sorry, deleted the other one(not on pourpose))

NEW: Anybody know what these are? I got them from an rc plane.


 this is the back:



This is a board of a different car. anybody got ideas?


My entry for the Deadreconing

This is my entry for the deadreconing chalenge.

i posted it here because i didnt want to post it as a 

robot projeckt, because its made out of NXT (lego)


My first robot

I want to build my first robot, and have planed it a little bit like

The Start Here Robot.

It will drag itself using its two front wheels, and a half-of-a-pingpongball.

i want to mount a distance senser on a servo so it can turn.

Should i use i picaxe 28?

Will this projekt even work?

Mini Biped

I've been wanting to see something like this for a long time, and have never been able to make it.

A couple of people probably know games like WarHammer.

For those who dont, WarHammer is a stratagy game played with mini figurines, out of a Fantastic/Midivel times. Those figurines are generaly abaut an inch (about 2.5 cm) high, unless somekind of Troll or something.