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Pulse oximeter - Update 02/09/12

I am currently in the engineering phase to build a pulse oximeter. I mainly make use of the following references:

Homemade compound eye

The compound eye from DAGU, designed by Oddbot, is cool and cheap. But I needed a round board to imitate the human eye, so I made one by myself. The IR LED's and photo transistors are the same as in the original design. As I had no PN 100 transistor, I used a BD 139 (the 4 IR LED's draw approx. 100 mA @ 5 V).

Front view of the perf board

6 DOF robot hand finished

I finished the 6 DOF robot hand for my project Te no atama today. Here are some pictures. The thumb has two degrees of freedom. The primarily function of the hand is to display hand gestures. A 2 DOF wrist will be added. All servos have a metal gear and are digital.


Sneak preview of my new project. Just some pics...

More soon...

Second static test firing of DoubleSShot rocket motor failed big (again)

Second static test firing of DoubleSShot rocket motor failed big (again). CATO of the rocket motor.


Just a sneak preview: Elektro. Robot entry is following soon...

Rubik's cube solving robot

This blog is dedicated to build a Rubik's cube solving robot. I'll not give you any guarantee to even update this blog or finish it. I just want to share and discuss some ideas.

The first thing I did was to buy 3 Rubik's cubes at taobao.com (a kind of Chinese Ebay), each around 10 RMB.  I bought 3 pieces, because I wanted to avoid one or two samples are getting damaged during my experiments and evaluations and I needed then to find exactly the same kind of probes for my experiments again, which can be quite annoying.

1000USD for 10000 likes

A very easy rule: For every 10000 likes our partner Sugar Shot to Space receives on facebook, I will donate 1000USD for the eXSShot mission to space:http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/lunar/teams/selene/blog/1000usd-for-10000-likes


First static test firing with hexaphenox propellant, using an empty C6 motor casing. Combustion chamber pressure was way too high which led to the explosion of the motor. Hexaphenox is a rocket fuel I have developed:)

Lunar Rover

Hi all,

Just want to share some videos of a moon rover study I am doing for the Google Lunar X Prize. No time now to submit a robot project entry, the rover is quite complex, maybe later. I'll add videos here as they come along. Thanks for watching.