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Support me on my trip to Space

I am currently competing for the Hackaday Prize 2015. The grand prize is a trip to space, a dream (yes, just a dream) since my childhood. You can support me by following me and giving my medical tricorder project 'skulls'.

Update: my project moved on to the Semifinal round of The 2015 Hackaday Prize

Thank you, LMR!

US English editor needed

For my current project Cosma I need to develope phrases in proper US English, let's say in a range from 1 to 5 (1= acceptable condition, 5 = unbearable):

1. Pain triggered by pressure on skin or muscles

2. Temperature (coldness)

3. Vertical positive acceleration

4. Vertical negative acceleration

5. Pitch, Roll, Yaw

6. Noise

7. Brightness

Here is what I came up:

High speed robot hand

High speed robot hand:

Dangerous animals in my lab?

Just found this in my lab:

Maybe a Chinese Red Headed Centipedes. My wife told me, as she was a child, they always caught them and made some medicine.

I need you as a sponsor!

Spark Fun, Trossen robotics, RobotShop, Dagu and so on! I need you as a sponsor! A sponsor for my Google Lunar X Prize team. No money, just parts, what you want, whenever you want to support our students activities. In return you get credits, credits on the Google Lunar X Prize site, our web site, videos. Contact me at teamATseleneteamDOTcom.


Special credit to Chris who is begging for parts and money here and inspired me :D

Planetary rover with transformable wheels

Japanese planetary rover with transformable wheels. Wow!