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Picaxe.xml in gedit ?

Is it possiable to the picaxe.xml file in gedit-for gnome users, rather tha kate ?

Declare an Array in picaxe basic?

I want to make several led's blink in one direction the the other, i figured the best way to do this would be to have the output pins in an array then use a 'for next loop' to loop thru them.

But the manual dosen't say how to declare an array, so how do you declare an array?

Using Picaxe 28x1


Complet newbie needs help with Picaxe 28x1.

I m such a newbie, please forgive me.

I have the picaxe 28x1 starter pack and i'm trying to do the "Test the System" tutorial, but im am so lost.

When it says 'connect to pin 4' i notice there are two pins side by side on #4, which pin do i actually connect to ?

do i have to connect both? Been using the pin closest to the Darlington chip, with out success.

Also there are two 'v' pins on oposite sides of the board, which one should i use? or does it matter .

The Picaxe Programming book

I saw this and was wondering if anybody in the USA sold this book

Appently they don't ship this to the US, because it's too big/heavy.

Would like to get my hands on it.