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Pb de communication between trans and rcvr

ello there,

Now that I ve gathered all the parts, I've tried to connect everything together but it doesn't work!!!   ;(

I've got;

Transmitter : old futaba  fp t7fg/k (found in a boot fair but working, apparently.. got battery signal)

Receiver : PCM 1024 FP-R1299DP

Both with a crystal t27 35.060 Mhz

One servo Futaba JR UK 3001

One battery 6V  4.5Ah


The thing is I have no idea if I have to set up my transmitter in order for it, to send the signal to the receiver, then to the servo.

360,UP & DOWN remote movement

Hi there,

Absolute beginner indeed! lol

I am building up a CCTV on legs, kind of robotic version. The legs won't move on their own (just mechanically)  but I would like to make a motion with the head part (cctv) and I am looking for something which could replicate, more or less, the movements of an human neck, then : left & right ( or better 360 degree) /up & down.All that controlled by radio!

Is that too much to ask or too expensive too concretise ?