Let's Make Robots!
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Wall Climbing Robot

What's there to say but ... spider-robot spider-robot those whatever a spider-robot does .... :)

An interesting robot capeable of climbing on a wall ... all they have to do now is building something which can
swing between rooftops and fight crime :)

Long time since I was last active

Hey all long time no see, and welcome to all the newcomers, still playing with my pickaxe from time to time, hastn't created anything realy of interrest yet and I havn't gotten around to connect some motors but it's going to happen one of these days.

Ultra Sonic wannabe radar

Just made an litte deveice which measures a distance and the from the measured distance detirmens which of four LEDs to turn on or off

Ultra Sonic sensor working

Finally got the time to play with my pickaxe, and I've got my SRF05 working

Not quiet so sick anymore

Yeaaaa not sick anymore, going to work tomorrow, and ready to play with pickaxe again

Laying sick

Became sick allmost right after the last PROSA Robotics meetup, it realy anoying.

It blinks

Got my picaxe to turn a LED on and off, and then I connected a button I had laying around and got it to control the LED, that was what I got it to do on Saturday and Sunday, now I'm looking for my soldering iron and finding some wires and stuff and I'm going to try to connect my ultrasonic sensor and make it turn on and off different LEDs which LEDs will be determent by the measured distance.

Picaxe in the house

Så skete det endelig, jeg fik min pakke, tog dog også sin tid specielt fordi det var kø på posthuset og så var jeg lige ved at blive godt tosset på ekspedienten fordi hun bare smed med kassen, men jeg bevarede røen og fik min pakke, var dog nødtil at vente ca. 2 timer før jeg igen var hjemme og kunne åbne den.

Så nu skal jeg blot have ryttet mit arbejdsbord og så efter en gang middagsmad så det lege time.