Let's Make Robots!

Robot Party Dec 15th

Here are the videos from last Robot Party! You can view them all in the playlist here!


Check it out to see people like Chris the Carpenter, Ro-Bot-X, patrickmccabe and albert la (can't remember his user name) :D They have great robots and knowledge!


The Robot Party is every Thursday at 8PM ET! Lots of people from LMR come to the Robot Party, so if you have a robot then it would be really cool to see it at the party! :)


Robot Party - October 6th!

The videos from the October 6th Robot Party are now live! :) You can view them all in this YouTube playlist.


Embedded are snippets from Lenore from EMSL showing the Egg Bots, Eric Relson's Mech Warfare robot, and Che Edoga's humanoid!





Robot Party - Motion & Distance Sensing Part 1

At last night's Robot Party the theme was motion & distance sensing! We had a great turnout with some really fantastic knowledge shared about ultrasonic and IR sensors. You can see all the video clips in this playlist, also see some screenshots in this flickr set.

RoboBrrd Food

Remember a while ago, when I was able to send data through the MFi SkyWire cable?

Robot Mesh Network

Hi there!

I haven't been on LMR in a long time... here's a video of my robot mesh network working. It's been a while in development. ;)

Planning to make a tutorial for it, and I will post it here, eventually. Woohoo!

Skip ahead to the 6:30 mark to avoid the boring debugging (yay for unedited videos!)

The embedded video isn't working for me, so here it is: http://youtu.be/KSGt83BzX74


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