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Mounting an SRF05 with the Cascabots ranging mast

Has anyone used the Cascabots products to attach an SRF05 to a servo?  I bought some, but there doesn't seem to be any space for the pins coming off the SRF, and I'm not quite sure how to attach the two parts of the mast either.

Working perfectly, then "Hardware not found"

I just used the "Clear Memory" menu item in the Picaxe programming editor to erase a program on a Picaxe 28X1 on a project board, and now when I try to program the chip (or even to clear the memory again), I get a "Hardware not found" error.  Have I somehow ruined the chip?  Is there a way to test the board or the chip to see what the problem is?

 Thanks for any help.


Does anyone here use twitter?  I'm plstuart if anyone is interested.