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Generate a 500Hz dual channel PWM using a picaxe 08M
  If you've ever tried to get speed control using a picaxe 08M connected to a L293D, like on the picaxe 08M motor driver board, the first thing you'd notice would … Read more
avoid obstacles
Using a
This is my first bot. I made it exactly one year ago. My first project using all the cool stuff I learned about here at LMR. It was built using a picaxe 08M proto … Read more


This will eventually become a robot project, but because my progress is so very slow, I decided to post the bits and pieces I have as a blog. That way you guys can start commenting and I get to show my pretty pictures.

The bot I'm working on will combine some of the things I allready posted as walkthroughs. Mainly it will feature the mintvelt object tracker and inter-picaxe serial communication.

Edwards circuit board

I got some questions from Adobi123 on the design of the board I built for Edward. I dont have any schematics cause it was done on the fly by laying the components on the board and trying out which locations would fit best. Anyway; I made a description of the components I used and I'll link some of them to relevant pages with documentation.

The board

Avoid obstacles... look cute... lots of programming to be done.
Using a
update: added code (older version 1.1) as attachment update: Frontplate is mounted. Turned the IR sensors. Lost the abiity to detect cliffs :(    This is my … Read more
This looks like a promissing new product from picaxe. A surface mount 28X2 on a circuit board with pins to add it to a breadboard. it looks a lot like the Arduino … Read more
Tips on EEPROMS, i2c, scratchpad and variables
The picaxe 28X1 has some very cool memory features that can be used to free up program space or to give your robot a more convenient user interface. This post … Read more
Let two, three or more picaxes talk to each other
Picaxe serial bus   This walkthrough shows you how to make multiple picaxe chips talk to each other using 1 line. This works for all picaxe models but I only used … Read more
Very handy device. Just a small board with a picaxe serial socket and two resistors; (so it wont be hard to make one for yourself) With the jumper you can … Read more
head follows an object around the room
I was looking for a way to have a robots head follow something or someone around. The best results I found were the ones using a camera, but these are a bit … Read more