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Clear Silicone Molding

Hello all,

I am looking for advice on how to cast parts with clear silicone. I need to make some light guides that people can jump on. Imagine a 2" x 2" square that will have RGB LEDs moulded into it that a grown man could jump up and down on. What I need is advice on how to do this:

1) Can someone suggest how to best make moulds that can have silicone cast into them? Should I make the moulds out of acrylic? What type of mould release should I use?

Microscope Camera Driver

I recently purchased a microscope to help with soldering. As a gift I was given this camera for the microscope but no software. Does anyone know where I can find drivers for this camera?

Virtual Programming Trainer !!!

Hey guys,

My friend recentley created a virtual trainer to help teach you programming of simple robots by solving a series of challenges;


He would appreciate any feedback you guys have!


Japanese Are Doing it Right

An incredible gundam being built in a Japanese basement somewhere. It's acutally a firefighting robot. But wow. 
So I have always wanted to build a Quadracopter and I finaly did it. A special thanks to hardmouse who donated the an old GAUI frame that I was able to hack up to … Read more

Small Parts Store Canada

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a good small hardware store that is in Canada/will ship to Canada and not charge an arm and a leg for shipping?

I am trying to find something like this;http://www.smallparts.com/

Sadly this place charges an import fee and shipping that makes buying unreasonable for us Canadians.


Begginings of a Quadracopter

Hello LMR!

I plan to design a quadracopter in the next year with FPV. The first step in this endeavor is to build a quad using off the shelf parts. I am asking for feedback from you guys before I purchase parts. Any store suggestions or past experiences are greatly appreciated! My biggest problem is finding a good TX/RX system. I need one that will last me for a while but not cost more than $120, can anyone suggest something? Right now I plan to purchase;

TX/RX system

Project Website Feedback

Hey guys,

I recentley made my own website www.sparksandgears.com I would appreciate feedback on what you think of the site. Layout, content, compatability ect.


Dual Cell Lipo Charging IC

Hey guys,

Can anyone suggest an IC that could be used to charge dual cell Lipo batteries (7.4V) with cell balancing? Ideally the IC would be powerful enough that it could charge even if the system is under a light load. I am looking for something similar to
the MAX 1555 IC (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/674) but for multiple cells. My google search has been fruitless - I must be using the wrong keywords. Thanks for any help!

I decided to follow in ignoblegnomes footsteps and make me some solar bots! Here are the pictures; A little artsy picture made at night with high iso … Read more