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Things I Like About PICAXE


Just a few things I like about PICAXE microcontrollers:

PICAXE BASIC - The PICAXE implementation of BASIC is highly intuitive and very robust.  It is easy to code a wide variety of functions from flashing LEDs and reading simple analog sensors, to more advanced tasks like driving servos and interfacing with external eeproms.

Obstacle avoidance via Sharp IR
Using a
Update: I’ve had a nice breakthrough in the leg mechanisms for K’nexabeast.  The motion is now much stronger and closer to Jansen’s ideal curve.  Read more
Prototype Nitinol muscle wire devices
I've been really interested in Flexinol lately (aka Nitinol Muscle Wires).  I've come to a nice stopping point where I've put together some basic actuators and a … Read more

LaunchPad Impressions

It's nice to see that more people have started to get their LaunchPads.  I've managed to log a few hours now and thought I'd share some of my impressions thus far.

Navigates by IR - avoids obstacles.
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Presented here is my rendition of the Start Here robot using a PIC16F690 and programmed in Assembly with the MPASM Assembler.  In addition to the micro, parts … Read more