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Controlled immersively, FPV video feedback projected to Oculus Rift in real-time
Hi everyone! It has been a long while since I last posted to LMR, hope you're all doing well and spreading the cult of hobby robotics!! Lately I've been thinking … Read more
Is controlled with my iPhone
Using a
Hello LMR, First of all, this little guy is made just for testing purposes and to prove that my concept works. There are no revolutionary solutions in this little … Read more

Question about cheap high torque servos

Hello LMR,

I have got some ideas for a bipedal bot, thus I need servos, that would provide some lifting capabilities. The most important thing for me is the price, since I could not afford a servo, that costs more than $10 (and even then I will eventually have to find a summer job and work my ass off to complete the project). I've managed to narrow the list to two servos : MG995 and HXT12k. However, as I can see from reviews, they lack quality, A LOT. 

iPhone as a robot controller made easy.

Just finished the vb.net app for controlling my robot with an iphone. It seems it is much easier than I thought.

The connection is based on Open Sound Control. The iphone sends special messages to my laptop via wi-fi.

More information on OSC. 



Anyone from Denmark?

This year I am graduating from highschool, thus it is my time to decide where and what to study further. I may have a possibility to study electronics/mechanic engineering in some universities in Denmark. I would really appreciate some real information about them. This is what I can choose from:


Problems with usb programming cable

Hello, I am having trouble with picaxe USB programming cable (AXE027). I bought it to use on my lappy but it does not work properly. I installed all the drivers, checked everything many times but it still says "hardware not found on COM port" when I try to program the chip.

The picaxe programming editor says that usb cable is "ready for use", also the programming circuit is fine, since it works on serial cable. This makes me confused.

Any ideas?

Makes your xBee to pc connection look more stylish.
This is my first Tip, thus please be lenient. ;D Read more

Short question about Xbee connections

While sending information from PC to Picaxe (thru xbee's) the connection gets stuck (or you could say lagged) after sending continuous data for a few seconds.


Is this because I am using debug on the picaxe and it slows down the controller or is it because of some other reason?



Thank-You, LMR

I just wanted to say thank you a lot LMR for providing me a chance to discover the wonders of robotics and electronics. Before I found this website all I knew was how to change the batteries for a searchlight and now I have found my true hobby, my field of studies and, hopefully, future employment.

Few months ago I was given a chance to publish my project in an expo of youngster scientists and was even shown on a reportage about it on a national television.