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Alternative to AXE027 USB Cable

One place where the "going got rough" with regards to my (Argentine) Picaxe Developer Site is with a Picaxe serial download cable that IS NOT RS-232, but USB instead.

If I can only reach those with a serial port on their PCs, then this project will never prosper. USB is a MUST.

WINSTAR LCD WH1602A help needed (SOLVED)

Hello community!

I have started experimenting with a LCD and the Picaxe Serial Firmware chip (FRM010). The idea is to use it to display the values of an ADC input to help write code for my line follower.

I haven´t been able to display anything at all on the LCD (not even the welcome message). In the process of troubleshooting, my first stop is to confirm a weird pinout on the base of the winstar PCB.

DIY H-Bridge for Tamiya double motor gearbox

Newbie alert!

Hi all,

First forum post here. Go easy on me. I have not been able to find a solution to my problem in the forum, (even though a couple came close) so I´ve decided to go to the source.

Is this http://letsmakerobots.com/files/H_bridge_single_relay_DPDT.pdf a good H-Bridge to use with the Tamiya double motor gearbox? If not, can someone point me in a better direction?

My apologies if this has came up before and I have failed to find it.