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Picaxe Sertxd

I recently was given an irobot create and I am having trouble with coding it to send the specific commans via Sertxd

Programing the picaxe

I was thinking about programing the picaxe and being able to power it out the usb port with a micro usb adapter like this for uploading programs with out changing how you upload the program from the computer:

because 23 dollars is not cheap for a programing cable total cost for this is around 10 dollars with the cord, adapter, and reisters.

Wii camera

Hello I was wondering what would be coding for using an i2c device like the wiimote's camera.

Navigate around via ultrasound(soon)
Using a
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Bigtrack Jr.

Big trak Jr. looks like an interesting robot base here are some pitures :

another one:

Inspired by Barktrak

Serial in/out

Where wold you connect to serial on a Picaxe 18m2 on a standard 18 pin picaxe project board?


I have an old mouse that my sister brought down when she brocke hers and it has been siting in the liveing roome for a week so I am wondering what to do with it.

Ideas would be appreciated. 


How eassy would it be to hack clocky's moters so they coud be controlled by a picaxe

What to do with this

Here is the top of the switch asembeley:


Here are the pins:


Sorry it is blurry but you get the idea.

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