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How should Arduino be Powered ??

Hi guys, I have finished making my first robot. It was all possible because of LMR. Now one last doubt for it. For my arduino robot to freely roam I will need to power my board with some batteries. Could you tell me the amperage and voltage of the battery so that I can buy one. Will it be OK if I just attach some batteries to it directly with something connected to it so that it will fit in the power socket of my arduino board ?? Thanks for your help.

control 2 motors with arduino motor shield

Hey guys I have a arduino motor shield from adafruit and I want a code for it so that i can control two motors from it. So please could you post a code for it. Also could you tell me that can I connect 2 servos and 2 motors on the shield at one time without having any problem.

Thanks for your help.

Questions about my Arduino Motor Controller

hi guys I have bought an Arduino and the Arduino Motor Shield from adafruit. The tutorial on Ladyada says that I can power a motor which has a capacity up to 36V. So i programmed my arduino to run a motor on M2 and then when I check the voltage supply over there its just 3.17 V. So how do I power a 5V motor. Also the amperage on the pin is only 0.49A whereas Ladyada says that I can power a motor upto 0.6A and 1.2A peak.Is everything correct with my shield. I have also read that I can power it from an external supply-How do I do that? How will it help me?

Thanks in advance.

Where can I buy a big touch screen from ?

I need to buy a touch screen, which can be connected to the arduino, which will be as big as about the screen of a computer. Could you recommend me some reliable site where I could order it from ??

Thank you, in advance