Let's Make Robots!
This project is my very first robot project. It has a cybot foot base with 2 DC-motors and 1 wheel in front. I use an Arduino processor as his "brain". For now my … Read more

forum death?

Is it me or is the forum death. On some forum the last reply was years ago? :(

a new day

Today i made some changes to my motor shieldboard.

I found some errors in It :

- the power supply of the motors was connected to the logics powersupply.
- the sensing output was directly connected to gnd. Now i have a resistor between.

I also made a new prototype shield for testing purpose. 

First steps again

My first steps in restarting my project was :

- Installing the Arduino IDE and trying to connect to my arduino board.
- Trying to figure out how the hell I connected the L298N driver to the arduino board :)
- offcourse writing everything down in a notebook

Next step is figuring out how I did the PWM on the L298N driver.
After that trying to reprogram my robot, since I lost the original source code, luckely for my it wasn't that big 

expandable processor

Which processor board is easily expandable? What if you suddenly end up needing more inputs/outputs

I'm afraid that when I create my robot project, I will eventualy end up using all the inputs and outputs and will need to change the processor board.

how do I find the time....

Hello fellow robot makers,

This may sound familiar for some and for others maybe a stupid question, but how do you guys find the time to practice your hobby.

M$ robotics developer studio

Does any 1 have experience with M$ robotics developer studio?


If you create a robot from scratch, is this package any use? Or is it only for ready made robotic systems like NXT an the boe bot?

ultrasonic sensors from Cybot

I'm trying to understand this sonar-board from my old cybot robot, but I think I will need a little help :


- If I'm correct I should put a voltage on the transmitter sensors for a short period of time (100 ms?), then read in the value of pin 2 and 3, right?

- What voltage should the transmitters get? 5V?

One battery or two?

What do you guys think?


Seperate power supplies for the motors and the µC or one batterij and some electronics to reduce the voltage :

9V for µC and 6V for motors