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M$ robotics developer studio

Does any 1 have experience with M$ robotics developer studio?


If you create a robot from scratch, is this package any use? Or is it only for ready made robotic systems like NXT an the boe bot?

ultrasonic sensors from Cybot

I'm trying to understand this sonar-board from my old cybot robot, but I think I will need a little help :


- If I'm correct I should put a voltage on the transmitter sensors for a short period of time (100 ms?), then read in the value of pin 2 and 3, right?

- What voltage should the transmitters get? 5V?

One battery or two?

What do you guys think?


Seperate power supplies for the motors and the µC or one batterij and some electronics to reduce the voltage :

9V for µC and 6V for motors

This project is my very first robot project. It has a cybot foot base with 2 DC-motors and 1 wheel in front. I use an Arduino processor as his "brain". For now my … Read more

Avoiding objects



This is my first day here on LMR and I think it's a great site for learning new stuff for my robot.

Currently I'm working on my very first (own) robot.

What I have now is a cybot based platform (2 motors and a front wheel).

De motors are driven by a L298N driver.

That driver is connected to an Arduino board.

My next challenge is avoiding objects and I'm not quite sure what kind of sensors I would like to use.

First we have normal switches mounted on the front sides. (I rather not use this)