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Bryce “Chainer” Jenkins

I am relatively new to Robotics, seeing as I took a course in 7th and 11th grade (1998 and 2002 respectively), however I have a great love of all things mechanical, with an extra amount of love for things that work on their own.


I subscribe to the philosophy of it not being the destination that matters but the journey, and so I enjoy the construction more than the end result.  But that's not to say that end results don't entertain me either.


I hope to get to show off some innovative and crazy ideas on here...assuming I can afford it on minimum wage.


Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Or even randomly chat with for no other reason than you're bored? I'm game...but I can guarantee I will ask at least one or two questions about getting started in robotics.  You can email me at Chainer@jggh.net


My personal blog - http://chainrobotics.wordpress.com