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Sabertooth 2x10 motorcontroller


I am using a sabertooth 2x10 motor controller in my tank style robot. I have been controllong it with a PIC microcontroller board and all has been going well. Until the other day when i was using it and the status1 LED went off and the board stopped working. When i power it up now, all the motor outputs are at 13V and the status1 LED stays off. I have taken the heat sinks off the board and inspected the components but all looks ok.

In desperate need of help.Does anyone have experience of this problem? All help greatly appreciated!

windscreen wiper motor problem


I am building a tank style robot which uses two windsreen wipers (one to run each track).

My problem is that when i try to put both motors running in the same direction( i.e one positively biased and the other negatively biased as they are faced in the opposite directions) the battery is shorted as the housings of these motors are grounded.

Those anyone know of a solution to this problem? or is there another kind of  windscreen wiper motor that does not have the housing gounded?