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Robots in the Smithsonian

I just got back from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington DC, and was surprised to find an awesome exhibition on robotics. Here is a link to the exhibition


It's called "Science in American Life", Here are the pics I was able to take. My fav was Stanley from the Darpa competitions

Anyone using ROS?

Hello all, 

I just downloaded ROS and intend to begin learning it throughly. Unfortunately, I'm learning to use Linux for the first time as well. In the past I always used Matlab for everything because I was in school and licenses weren't an issue for me. Now that I'm in "the real world" and see how much Matlab costs, I'm ready to move on. Not to mention ROS seems to have alot of great people working on it.

RoMeLa project STriDER tri-legged robot

I stumbled across this project from the RoMeLa lab at virginia tech. It's got my mind racing with ideas. Here is RoMeLa's home page, they have a few other orginal ideas. 




Run 12V stepper with 5V??? [SOLVED]

Hey guys I have a quick question. I've never used a stepper motor before, but I have one that will fit my new robot nicely. It is a 12V motor kinda like the one below

12V stepper motor

I don't have a 12V power supply right now, only a 5V. I want to know if this motor works before I go and buy a new battery. Does anyone know if it will even work with 5V? I just need it to move just enough to let me know it works, then I'll go get a battery. 

Feature extraction is commonly used in SLAM applications. It is useful because it reduces the amount of data that has to be processed by the mapping functions. Some … Read more

Favorite Video Games?

I just noticed there hasn't been an off topic post for 5 weeks so I wanted to get one started. Anyone else on here play video games? I recently got Gran Turismo 5 and haven't put it down since. I think it's the best game ever! What's games are your playing?

Maze Solving Robot, Flood Fill Algorithm (UPDATED w/ video)

I was wondering how the guys program their robots in the micromouse competition. 


It was obvious that they don't use the "always go left" method. After looking around a little bit, it became apparent that the competitors keep their algorithms on the hush. But I did find that the base for most their methods is the Flood Fill method. Here is a paper that describes it pretty well. 

Creative and Versatile Means of Robot Gripper

BotJunkie.com posted this article of a robotic gripper constructed out of a balloon filled with coffee grounds. It is activated by sucking air in and out of the balloon. It seems to work very well.


Hello all, I'm starting a new project!


Hey everyone, this is my first post but I’ve been keeping up with LMR for months now.

I'm starting to build my first homemade robot. I built several advanced mobile robots in grad school, and work with ...certain types of mobile robots professionally now. But building one on my own with my own tools (for cheap) is a new adventure that I'm looking forward to.