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Walks around and turns when it finds an object too much close to it.
Using a
Hi there!! I am proud to show you my first creation! This is a 2DOF hexapod entirely built by myself with a bit of external help for the pratical part. It walks … Read more

Ps2 controller trouble

I'm having troubles trying to connect a ps2 controller to an Arduino mega via lynksmotion adapter.. I can't get it working even with the example sketch of this library!.. When i tried to connect it with a bradboard connection I had it working but when I made the direct connection to the board only once it gave me OK and after a reset of the board it failed and failed and failed again... T_T 

Problem with hexapod

Hi, I'm new here and I'm not so used to forums so if I'll make mistakes posting, writing etc please forgive me and help me to find the way! :)

I also have to say that I'm not English so forgive me for my English or if I can't get something!

So... Let's talk about my problem..