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Radius easyradio arduino shield

hi everyone,

would like to know if anyone have try out easyradio shield.

cant find any link or sample of codes. if anyone have able to share?


Unable to connect

Have u all ever managed to find out ; the cause of the PICAXE28x1 unable to connect to the pc/ download the program into.

I got my first picaxe few weeks back and did my first start here bots.

Everything goes fine , got it running well. here and there.


Now i unable to download a program in. It say :

check the power supply to the board,

check if its connected to the pc from the download cable,

Press and hold reset till the download bar appers to reset the board.


None of this works.

Online and offline


Just bought the picaxe 28 starter kit. along with parralax ping)))

I just realised it the ping))) works well when the serial download cable connected to the board but the ping))) not working when i plug out the  serial download cable from the board.

Another words, it works Online mode and not during Offline mode. I've check the 5v to the sensor and its gd.

Anyone can help solve this.