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hi i have got a ping sensor , arduino duemilanove and a motor h bridge how ever i need help programming i need the sensor to tell the motor to turn when it gets too close say 5cm close to a object

thanks for all the help


arduino and picaxe

hi i know it is possible to link a picaxe and arduino through i2c but was woundering and a picaxe remote sent signals to arduino robot for example control the motors and a pan and tilt mechanisum

mmany thanks rhys

eeprom and picaxe 28x1

hi i wish for my picaxe chip to access an external eeprom chip any one got any ideas how to manage this

many thanks rhys

Lcd 20x4 and Picaxe 28X1

hi have one of these 20x4 screens does any one have a pic of it attached to a picaxe 28x1 project board

Lcd 16x2 and Picaxe 28X1

hi i am going to buy a 16x2 lcd screen from ebay and need to know how to connect it to the picaxe 28x1 board

the lcd screen is the same as this one

any help is appreceated