Let's Make Robots!

Now that inspires

If this doesn't give you any ideas then you've no imagination. This guy plainly has a bit more budget to work with though. From gizmodo..


Expect more LMR'ers, LMR'ians, LMR'ites, oh never mind..

Was just looking through Robot Magazine at the bookstore this morning and looky there! LMR is getting a shout out in there product news section. In about a quarter page, with color pictures of YDM and the Start Here bot, they give a thumbs up to this web site. What timing. Happy B-day LMR!

Landing in LMR

Hello you all.

 I stumbled into your site last weekend. And damn it! it's not like I really need another project, I have projects coming out my ears! But you guys are having waaay too much fun here. I'm going to just have to join in. Truth be told it didn't take much convincing. I've ordered a couple things and I have stuff in a box somewhere that are starting to look like a robot already. At least in my head. I'll post when I have something that other people can see too!