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Buried wire fence

    Hey all, well I am revisiting my lawnmower project, well not really concerned with mowing lawn but more of an outdoor autonomous robot for my backyard..

    Anyway I spent ALOT of time with circuits over the past winter and with no real success. So to cut rapidly to the chase what I am trying to design/figure out is a buried wire fence type solution that I can put in my back yard with 2 sensors (left/right) on the robot and when it gets close to the wire it can either avoid it or follow it home depending on programming..

about posting robot designs..

    Hey guys quick question regarding designing robots.. If I built a robot based off of a commercial one, would I get in any trouble for putting it up on here?

     Basically I wanted to build a robotic lawnmower and so when searching for information I came accross the RoboCut model.. I felt it would be easiest for me to replicated the design of that one. I would like to put it up here to track progress and possibly ask for help with certain things but didn't know if them or someone would complain..

Inductive Guidance

       I am trying to build a robot lawnmower(yes another guy trying this).. I need to understand Inductive guidance or RF technology a bit better to build a buried wire circuit for this.. I have read alot on the web and am starting to understand inductor/capacitor circuits.. I built a transmitter using a 555 and a 2n2222 to raise the current in the wire.. I then built a L/C circuit with a 339 comparator and I can tune it to pick up the signal from the wire(I can see this on my oscilliscope)..