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4 Motors on a 28 pin Project Board (AXE020)

I am looking to upgrade my first robot which is built from the LMR Starter Bundle. I to start out I would like to upgrade to 4 motors. Currently I only see the A & B pins for motor control. The motors do not need to be independently controled, I only need to be able to control 2 at a time. Is this doable?

Also, I eventually want to upgrade to bigger motors, would it be easier instead using 4 triacs or relays?


Navigate Around Via Sharp
Using a
This is my first bot. It is built from the LMR Starter Bundle. I hope to use this as a platform for a more complex bot that will be both autonomous and RF … Read more

PICAXE or Arduino For Starters

I am just starting out in the field of robotics, and I am looking for someplace to start.
I was wondering if anyone had anysuggestions on which hardware I should learn first.
My end goal is to be able to control my bots remotely via wireless of some kind.
I have listed two of the kits I am looking at getting below. One is the PICAXE starter kit from LMR and the other is a starter bundle for Arduino's from Solarbotics. Any suggestions would be welcome.

LMR Starter Kit