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Unstable sharp sensor readings .

Hello I have a problem with 2 GP2Y0A02YK0F ir sharp sensors . 

Both are put on the same lvl 25 cm from the ground so I want when to tilt the lvl the two sensors are to be able to tell 

from which side is turned and the angle . But I get unstable readings here is an example 

where is sensor is the substract of the 2 values and where is ouput is the substract of the mapped values .


Bone conduction Head Phones

Hello folks , I have an idea about a project thus I need some information first .

I was wondering if we could 3d scan our teeth in some way and get an stl file or a file that can be processed later on a cad programm . I think i have a way though not sure how to do it . My idea is to mold our teeth with some kind of material 

then 3d scan that mold and get the file .


And the idea follows .


Hello everybody Im making this blog to keep track of my new project which will be a custom gps tracker ,navigator,nmea sentences parser for raspberry pi . 

For now Im just using my raspberry pi B version 2  , one global sat em406a gps module with a sparkfun adapter 

Arduino Duemilanove + usb flash drive .

So I had this idea to make my own gps tracker .

And thought why not to use a spare usb flash drive for saving the data in it . 

My question is can I interface a common usb flash drive with an arduino duemilanove ?

I know that must be a usb to serial converter to do that ,but I also know that arduino has one integrated to communicate with the pc .

So any suggestions ? 

How to turn a male to male jumper into male to female jumper .
What we need is a really small diameter heat shrink a lighter and a male to male jumper wire. Just follow the photos below and you will understand ,any question can … Read more

Mechnical engineering plotter .

So here is the thing.

On september I got on my local technical university (http://www.tuc.gr) on the department of product and managment engieneering 

this one may look like a more of managment school but its not , you actually get the diploma of a mechanical engineer and 

a product manager .But  this samester I had this course about linear sketching of mechanical engineered objects and we had to 

do the sketches by hand but this was so boring .So I had an idea for the next course of this one .My idea is to build a plotter 

Balanceiser - Yet another balancer robot

Ok here I will be tracking my attempt to make a balance robot .

Some photos from a raw sketch model I made in sketch up follows .

Ok here it is .

I will use a wii nunchuck as an accelometer and further input .

My Makerbot Thing-0-Matic Assembly Progress Blog


Hello LMR people I made this blog to show everyone where I have gone with the assembly of my makerbot tom .

What I have to say after all I have done ,you will see later on this blog ,is that it needs time a lot time and of course good will

if something doesn't going as you were expecting ...


Photos follow(its not of best quality cause I dont own a camera at the moment only my cell phone) :


Pronterface + Makerbot issues

Ok here is the thing .

Im trying to get my makerbot thing-0-matic mk6 work with the pronterface printing software .

I found out that pronterface communicates in raw gcode something replicatorg doesn't do .

So I assumed that different firmware will be needed .

And found out that teacup or scribblej firmware would work with the tom .

Though I have some questions .

Why there is only firmware for the motherboard while in the replicatorg there is firmware not only for the motherboard but also 

for the extruder controller ?


Hello again.

I made this post because I want to find to out what is the most suitable eeprom for my tests.

Ok here is the thing I want to save the timezone on the eeprom ,also make markpoints with saving the cordinates I get from a gps(em 406 module)to the eeprom when it is needed .The thing is that dont know what eeprom to order and how to play with it .

Any suggestions ?