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Unstable sharp sensor readings .

Hello I have a problem with 2 GP2Y0A02YK0F ir sharp sensors . 

Both are put on the same lvl 25 cm from the ground so I want when to tilt the lvl the two sensors are to be able to tell 

from which side is turned and the angle . But I get unstable readings here is an example 

where is sensor is the substract of the 2 values and where is ouput is the substract of the mapped values .


Bone conduction Head Phones

Hello folks , I have an idea about a project thus I need some information first .

I was wondering if we could 3d scan our teeth in some way and get an stl file or a file that can be processed later on a cad programm . I think i have a way though not sure how to do it . My idea is to mold our teeth with some kind of material 

then 3d scan that mold and get the file .


And the idea follows .

Arduino Duemilanove + usb flash drive .

So I had this idea to make my own gps tracker .

And thought why not to use a spare usb flash drive for saving the data in it . 

My question is can I interface a common usb flash drive with an arduino duemilanove ?

I know that must be a usb to serial converter to do that ,but I also know that arduino has one integrated to communicate with the pc .

So any suggestions ? 

Mechnical engineering plotter .

So here is the thing.

On september I got on my local technical university (http://www.tuc.gr) on the department of product and managment engieneering 

this one may look like a more of managment school but its not , you actually get the diploma of a mechanical engineer and 

a product manager .But  this samester I had this course about linear sketching of mechanical engineered objects and we had to 

do the sketches by hand but this was so boring .So I had an idea for the next course of this one .My idea is to build a plotter 

Pronterface + Makerbot issues

Ok here is the thing .

Im trying to get my makerbot thing-0-matic mk6 work with the pronterface printing software .

I found out that pronterface communicates in raw gcode something replicatorg doesn't do .

So I assumed that different firmware will be needed .

And found out that teacup or scribblej firmware would work with the tom .

Though I have some questions .

Why there is only firmware for the motherboard while in the replicatorg there is firmware not only for the motherboard but also 

for the extruder controller ?


Hello again.

I made this post because I want to find to out what is the most suitable eeprom for my tests.

Ok here is the thing I want to save the timezone on the eeprom ,also make markpoints with saving the cordinates I get from a gps(em 406 module)to the eeprom when it is needed .The thing is that dont know what eeprom to order and how to play with it .

Any suggestions ?

Problem on code for gps

Hello everyone I decided today to play with my em406 gps module .

Though the code I wrote for my arduino stucks on the compiling stage and dont know why .

Here the code : 


#include <NewSoftSerial.h>

#include <nmea.h>


NewSoftSerial mygps(4,3);



void setup() {






void loop() {


Weird reaction of servo .

Ok everyone I had some free time and wanted to continue making my RMOAR  (you can find it with a search).

So I decided to write the code from scratch cause I had an idea about its object avoiding function.

I started writing some of the code and also debugging and testing it in every step. Allthough I figured out that when 

I added a line of code ,when the servo used for scanning was going left all were going smoothly when was going right 

suddenly the speed was increased  .So Im asking here "What Im doing wrong?" .

Beagleboard vs Gumstix

Hello all.A  friend of mine wanted to buy a sbc (single board computer) . So  I  did some research to help him make the best decision and found out that Beagleboard and Gumstix are 2 pretty cool and powerfull sbc's with a supportive community on their back so I was between them . If one were to go for a Beagleboard or a Gumstix what would be the best choice ,you think?

Also you can suggest any other sbc that you find cool ,powerfull and that has a  community .

Wixels and protocols.

Hello all a week ago I discovered wixels I think they are actually pretty neat since they also have a microcontroller on board .

I also saw that a wixel it is not wifi ready but also transmits and receives in the same frequency .

So the question is can someone write the wifi protocol for a wixel and is it possible someone to develop his own

protocol using wixels ?