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Move objects
Using a
This is my bachelor thesis. Delta robot will pick up objects and paletize them using machine vision. Servos are controlled by FPGA, that is controlled by … Read more
Just another basic walker, controled by gamepad. Read more
Some robot-builder asked me to introduce construction set called Merkur. It is simular to Meccano or Erector, but you can buy it still today. It is produced in … Read more
It should be a CNC machine, but I have not found a way to cut polystyren or something soft. So I am only printing text. There is a problem with Y axis, it is not … Read more
This robotic arm is made of 3 small and 3 standart sized servos. I am steering it with gamepad, computer, C# , serial link and Pickaxe 20M2. For more user … Read more
I made a simple printer made of Merkur, something like Meccano. There are two stepper motor power by 12 V and one servo + electronics powered by 6 V. It can print … Read more
I made a crane from Merkur( something like Meccano). It has two motors, one with encoder. The position of the hook is sensed by the encoder and the position of the … Read more
This is a very simple robot using only Picaxe-08M. I can be controlled throught computer or it can walk alone. The bateries are only weight for ballance, just to … Read more

Internal timer

Is in PicaxeBasic something like GetTickCount in C++? I would like measure how long does some operation take

I think, it is one of the cheapest 3-axis robotic arms. It can move, kick and mainly draw in many ways. It is controlled throught PC, which sends command via serial … Read more